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Surgery for Deformed Baby:
Various types of "Birth Defects" or "Congenital Deformities" as they are called in medical parlance, are not uncommon. These may be obviously visible external defects like an extra finger, a cut (cleft lip) in upper lip, a deformed ear, a drooping eyelid or an abnormal urinary opening in a male child - called as "Hypospadias" etc. Apart from ugly appearance, they also produce some difficulty in normal functioning of the affected part also. Fortunately, most of them are amenable to almost complete or perfect restoration to normal appearance and function by modern Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

At Dr U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital, over the last 3-4 decades, we have been doing many of these Plastic Surgical procedures successfully. Of these, quite e few babies with Cleft Lip & Palate, Ptosis of eyelids, and Hypospadias have been satisfactorily treated .

Hypospadias Surgery:
This is a birth defect of genital organs in a male child; the external opening for passing urine is not at the tip of penis as in a normal baby, but situated somewhere on the under-surface of the penis and still farther back in severe cases. The opening itself may be narrow and penis is often curved - a defect called as "chordee' (See Figs. 1 & 2). Once the condition is detected surgical correction should be planned at the appropriate time. Generally two and sometimes three operations may be needed for the satisfactory correction of the deformity, so that the appearance and function are fully restored. Full correction should be completed before the school going age of 3 to 4 years. Child should be able to pass urine perfectly and normally in the standing position and in adulthood should be able to lead a normal sexual life.


fig1 - Normal
fig2 - Hypospadias A to E - mild to severe degree - position of ext. meatus
A- Ext.Meatus in mild Hypospadias
E- Ext.Meatus in severe degree of perineal Hypospadias

At Dr U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital, we have been able to successfully correct this deformity in a SINGLE STAGE in most of the patients - Single Stage Hypospadias Correction. This is another AREA OF STRENGTH in our Hospital.

Technique & Results:
Surgical correction will rectify the three elements of deformity - narrowing of the external opening (meatus), straightening the penis (chordee correction) and extending/reconstructing the urethral tube from its abnormal place to its normal position at the tip of the straightened penis. Generally the first two defects are corrected in one operation and the second stage will set right the third aspect of the deformity. Often, in this operation, there will be some minor complication; and this will need one more surgery.

ONE SATAGE HYPOSPADIAS CORRECTION is now possible in most mild to moderate degrees of hypospadias. We do this one stage correction in all such cases at Dr. U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital. Only very severe deformities, where the external meatus is in the middle of or behind the scrotum, 2 or 3 stage operation becomes necessary.

Few examples of successful correction of Hypospadias, mostly in one stage are shown in the accompanying pictures.

Ask your Doctor:
If you wish to ask any questions or seek any clarifications, you are most welcome. Even previously operated and failed cases of Hypospadias can often be reoperated with successful outcome.

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With Best Wishes to Be Healthy,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. M.Mohan Rao, MBBS, MS, FICS, MCH,
M.D. & Chief Surgeon,
Dr. UMR Memorial Hospital.
962, Poonamallee High Road, Chennai 600084.
Tel. 6424396, 6411621, 6412474.


Updated on 15.11.2002.

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