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Make a Medical Horoscope for your children before marriage! (July, 2005)

Make a medical horoscope for your children before marriage!
Casting an astrological horoscope when a baby is born in the family is a common practice in many communities in India. It is said that an expert astrologer can predict everything about a subject after studying the horoscope. While seeking alliance for one’s eligible daughter or son, horoscope matching is usually the first step. Then further interactions take place between the two families and if all goes well, the marriage ceremony takes place.

Social problems following marriages apart, there are very many medical problems, which may pose a serious threat to a successful marriage. The young boy or girl is often not well informed about his/her sexuality and proper sexual practices. Pre existing subtle medical problems or physical incompatibilities may come to light sooner or later and come in the way of successful marriages. Many minor impediments for a successful marriage, if detected before the event can be completely rectified by some simple medications or some minor surgery. Proper guidance can be given to the families and the prospective bride or groom in the event of any shortcomings. Pre marital psychological support by the medical practitioiner will be very useful too in an otherwise perfectly healthy individual. He/she (doctor) can clear all doubts and allay all fears of the young bride or bridegroom. A “medical horoscope” is nothing but a properly tailored medical check up report of a man or woman well before the anticipated marriage date. Making such a medical horoscope and matching it with that of the prospective spouse could be the last step/hurdle before finally settling a marriage!

How to start the system of “Medical Horoscope” matching?
A medical check up is now mandatory before a person can do several standard activities, like joining up at a new job, applying for visa to go abroad, join a Government job, apply for an Insurance plan etc. Perfect health and fitness will be insisted on in Police force or Army. Even to get a casual laourer’s job overseas, they insist on a medical report and even simple problems like a small hydrocele or a hernia should be surgically corrected before a person is issued medical fitness certificate. When such is the case, a medical fitness certificate for such an important event in life like a marriage is not being insisted on! Hence it would be appropriate that well informed parents, social workers and public should spread this message to create awareness of the usefulness of this system.

Though legislation and insistence of producing medical certificates at the time of “registration” of marriages would be advisable in due course, awareness of its usefulness among the public would be a pre requisite for its successful acceptance and implementation.

Please ponder over these ideas and start it in your own family for your eligible sons and daughters, even though you may not be called upon to produce it at the time of marriage. By doing this, you will ensure good health and successful married life for your children!

Be healthy; be well informed and be proactive!

Dr. M.Mohan Rao, MBBS, MS, FICS, MCH,
Director & Senior Surgeon, Dr. U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital.

Go to this link to read an article in The Hindu on this subject:

Additional Comments (July, 2009)
We do get lots of questions from apprehensive brides and grooms asking questions on some real or imaginary problems, many of them regarding their sexuality. We understand, some state Govts. are in the process of introducing compulsory HIV tests for people getting married. We hope & wish that Medical Fitness Certificate be insisted upon at the time of all Marriage Registrations. Ask your Doctor


Updated on 01.07.2005.

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