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To be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy has been the eternal quest of man! Good health (or bad health and even diseases) is partly acquired from our parents and ancestors by genetic transmission and partly acquired by each one of us by interaction with our surroundings - the food we take, the atmosphere and surroundings in which we live and the mental and spiritual atmosphere and upbringing that we get from the time of our birth.

Fruits & VegetablesTake a balanced and nutritious diet with sufficient essential ingredients like Vitamins and Minerals, fresh fruits and vegetables even in one who is a non vegetarian. These days safe and clean drinking water and uncontaminated food is not always available especially while eating out and in mass cooking places like in a wedding. The food handlers are an important source of spreading many diseases. One has to take careful and special precautions to avoid diseases spread by contaminated water and food. These precautions are ALSO APPLICABLE AT HOME.

The atmopshere and air in the place where we live also plays an important part for remaining healthy. Air pollution and noise pollution do contribute to diseases. But often we cannot control these individually. It can only be improved by collective efforts and by administrators or government. Probably some rural or hilly areas have relatively less pollution; but even here we humans tend to spoil the atmosphere and surroundings by our unclean habits and ignorance.

Thirdly "food" for the mind and spirit by some sort of good moral and spiritual upbringing by our parents and teachers, irrespective of our basic religious background is needed. Intellectual and mental development is ALSO required at our educational institutions. These give us the basic skills needed to wade through life smoothly and successfully and in a statisfying way.

To keep our body in good shape (in good health), it is also necessary to give enough work to all parts. Some sort of physical workout, exercise or games and sports or regular brisk walking should form part of our daily routine THROUGHOUT OUR LIFE and not as a short term or irregular habit.

In conclusion irrespective of your family or genetic background, good health can be acquired by quality nutrition to body and mind and to keep them in good shape, put them to use to keep your body and mind crisp, sharp and HEALTHY!


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Updated on 01.02.2002.

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