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How to remain “Young” forever & Healthy ?

To remain always “Young” or be an “Evergreen Hero” and always “Healthy” has been the eternal quest of mankind! Our scriptures make a mention of “nectar”, which if consumed will make a person eternally young. Modern medical science has not yet discovered “nectar” of life. However researchers have found some clues to keep the human body and mind active and young. There are various items or ingredients in our food, which, if consumed in sufficient quantity can very slightly slow down the ageing process. These are called as “antioxidants’. Antioxidants also have some preventive action on some types of cancer. Hence planning our diet and consuming these antioxidants regularly in some form or other will have some slight beneficial effect on us and help to slightly delay the process of ageing in different parts and organs of our body. There will not be any perceptible benefit over a short term period. But if taken regularly on a long term/permanent basis there will be some beneficial effect in the long run.

How to prevent Disease?

Even if you remain “young”, diseases may still strike; either due to some inherent genetic factors or due to various external factors like the air we breathe, water we drink , the food we take etc. Now we do know how, many of these factors are responsible for some diseases and also how such diseases can be prevented to a varying extent. This “ disease prevention” contributes to good health, if only you know how it can be done. There are preventive measures for most diseases including BP, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer!

Health Tit-bits to remain Young !
Lift weight & enhance aerobic capacity! If you want to be able to walk or jog for longer periods of time before getting tired, don't skip your weight-lifting routine. Studies show that lifting weights isn't only about buildingstrong muscles. A weight-lifting routine also can help improveyour aerobic capacity. With improved aerobic endurance, you'llbe able to walk, swim, bike, or jog for longer periods of timebefore reaching the point of exhaustion. Strength training can make your appearance about one year younger.

In our future news letters we will explain some more “health Tips” to remain young and also preventive measures against some of the common diseases.

Dr. M.Mohan Rao,

Consultant in Gen. Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Laparascopic Surgery.


Updated on 01.07.2002.

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