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Hernias – do you need a Good Surgeon?

Hernias – do you need a Good Surgeon?
“Hernia” may be a simple bulge in the groin region, occuring in any age, even in newborns and in both sexes, though more common in males. It may occur anywhere in the abdomen usually in and around umbilicus or at sites of any previous surgery. Many of these small hernias are relatively easy to correct by simple operation and any average reasonably good surgeon would do it. But recurrences can occur , unless meticulous care and attention to minute details is given before, during and after surgery. Therefore, even these ‘simple’ and small hernias do need all the care and proper attention that every planned surgery needs. We at Dr. U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital do treat EVERY surgical operation with the maximum care and attention that it deserves. No surgery in our hospital is ‘ minor’, because for the patient every surgery is ‘ major’ and any surgery, however small in magnitude or duration can result in even life threatening complications. Hence it is necessary to treat every single surgical operation with great care and respect !

Surgery for groin (inguinal) hernia.
Groin hernia , also called as ‘Inguinal Hernia’ if moderate in size needs a relatively simple operation. But sometimes there could some variation, detectable only at operation and unless the surgeon is well experienced, may find it difficult to tackle. It is even said sometimes, that if a surgeon can tackle all types of groin hernias, he should be a very good surgeon. There are many variations in the technique of doing repair of a simple inguinal hernias. Late Dr. U Mohan Rau and my teacher Prof. R Nanjunda Rao followed a technique wherein the weakness in the groin leading to the hernia is strengthened to the maximum extent. We at Dr. UMR Memorial Hospital have been following this technique quite successfully. We also perform the ‘mesh repair’ for the hernia where there is severe muscle weakness or a large defect in the muscles. Proper preparation and care before surgery, meticulous and skillful surgery and proper post operative care and adequate rest is almost always rewarded with complete success. We do not use strong antibiotics and unnecessary and strong medications in most of our hernia and other ‘clean’ operations. We believe in taking proper precautions to prevent infection and complications rather than treating patients with strong medicines. We are rewarded with very very low incidence of infection and complications.

Other Difficult Hernias:
Other Hernias – massive inguinal hernias and huge hernias following some other surgeries also called as Incisional hernia pose quite difficult challenges even to most experienced surgeons. Recurrences do occur in the best of hands. However, even in these difficult hernias, success can be achieved more often by careful attention to minutest details in each and every patient. To know some more on these problems, await our future newsletters.

With Best Wishes to Be Healthy,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. M.Mohan Rao, MBBS, MS, FICS, MCH,
M.D. & Chief Surgeon,
Dr. UMR Memorial Hospital.
962, Poonamallee High Road, Chennai 600084.
Tel. 6424396, 6411621, 6412474.


Updated on 15.03.2002.

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