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You may be harbouring the Treacherous "Syndrome X" ! (November, 2005)

You may be harbouring the Treacherous "Syndrome X" !

This is the name given to a stealthy and treacherous symptom complex in apparently "normal and healthy looking young people". Children and young and even somewhat middle aged persons may be affected. The affected person looks healthy and even some what chubby, has a very good or more than good or even voracious appetite and likes to eat all the goodies at home and outside in parties, on fast food joints, star hotels etc. These "lucky" (or are they not so lucky!) happy well fed persons may in fact be harbouring or developing the dangerous "syndrome X".

The syndrome X is a harbinger of several fashionable modern diseases like Diabetes, high blood cholesterol, arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels), high B.P. and even heart attacks and strokes (paralysis).And all these evils strike a person at a much younger age than before. This alongwith the stress and strain of current fast life style is perhaps the most important cause of impending epidemic of cardiovascular diseases (diseases of blood vessels and heart) in the young predicted by experts.

The saving grace is that in its early sage this "syndrome X" is reversible and curable. Secondly it needs little probing and few simple tests to detect it.

Most important way of detecting, reversing and curing this disease is AWARENESS among Doctors and the public!

Hence hurry! Check with your family doctor or physician and ask for a thorough checkup to detect syndrome X. And if at all you are lucky to be either not having or having only early stages of it, it can be successfully tackled by some simple measures!

More details of this Syndrome X would be sent only to those who request for more information from

Be well informed; be proactive and live healthy and happy!

Dr. M.Mohan Rao, MBBS,MS,FICS,MCH,

Director & Senior Surgeon (Retired but not tired),
Dr. U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital


Updated on 01.11.2005.

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